Fabulist Aussie Bulldogs

A.B.C.A Breeders In Northern Tasmania

Our 3rd litter - Energy Drinks


Shelby and Maddox are proud parents of 5 babies, 4 boys and 1 girl.

They were born Naturally and a true range of colours 

1st puppy born 9.30pm 13/10/12 Boy - Rockstar 

(White eye patches and spot)

2nd puppy born 12.11am 14/10/12 Girl - Pink

(all white long tail)

3rd puppy born 12.20am 14/10/12 Boy - Wicked

(brindle and white)

4th puppy born 1.45am 14/10/12 Boy - Red Bull 

(Liver and White)

5th puppy born 2.18am 14/10/12 Boy - Monster

(Brindle and White)

L-R Rockstar, Wicked, Red Bull, Pink &  Monster (2 days old)








 All Puppies have Liver noses and are developing into very nice solid looking pups.













Maddox and Pink





Puppies are 1st generation Aussie Bulldogs and are 91.26%