Fabulist Aussie Bulldogs

A.B.C.A Breeders In Northern Tasmania

4th Litter - Chocolate Bars Litter 2014

Shelby and Maddox are proud parents of 5 babies


2 Girls and 3 Boys all born naturally.

Sadly we lost 2 pups. 


We now have 3 happy healthy pups with  great temperaments. 

Fabulist Twirl - Girl, Born weighing 394 grams. Pet name: Twirl

Fabulist Mars - Male, Born weighing 347 grams. Pet name: Maximus

Fabulist Snickers - Male, Born Weighing 304 grams. Pet name: Dozer


Dozer has continued to be the runt of the litter but doesn't let his small stature worry him, he is full of character and is of solid stocky build.  Maximus is always the first to meet you of a morning and happily awaits snuggles. Twirl is a shy little girl who loves snuggles and like to watch the world go by. 

Puppies are currently 4 weeks old and are all sold.