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Aurora Lailah 


RIP Baby Lai.

forever in our hearts and mind,

never forgotten! 


Born: 07/08/2009 Naturally

Colour: Fawn Brindle and White - Liver Gene Carrier


Lailah came to us as a 12 month old in August 2010.

She has fitted into our family like she has been here all along.

Lailah is a sweet natured girl and loves to be around us when ever she can. She is a inside dog and never sleeps outside of a night. She is the only dog Suzane doesnt have an allergic reaction to.

Lailah is a 2nd generation Aussie Bulldog and is very true to type. She loves to play in water and go for sunday drives. Lailah's breed percentage (%) is 76% And is also a liver nose carrier. 

Lailah has produced 2 litters for us, the pups are all very solid and have lovely personalities and you can't fault their nature. 

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