Fabulist Aussie Bulldogs

A.B.C.A Breeders In Northern Tasmania

Maddox - Liver Nosed British Bulldog

Maddox joined us
on Tuesday 20th December 2011
from Bullistyc Aussie Bulldogs.
He is such a beautiful boy and has a wonderful personality that you just can't get enough of.
He has fitted in to our family very well, and gets along with our other bulldogs and pets.
He is a short stocky little fellow and craves his families attention. 
He has nice bone structure and beautiful airways.
Maddox was bred by Dewbull in WA
Born 6/8/09   
He is a proven chocolate/liver BBD
and has produced some outstanding pups.
He has had 2 litters with us, our energy drinks and chocolate bars.