Fabulist Aussie Bulldogs

A.B.C.A Breeders In Northern Tasmania

Our first litter of pups!

Litter of 6
This litter was born 18.10.2010
They are 2nd Generation and 82.8%
All are liver carriers
Sire: Tazman Lord Barrington
Dam: Aurora Lailah


Cleveland "Indie"

Indie is a very close image of his Dam Lailah.

He was a very solid boy and at 9 months old weighed in close to 35kgs

 Indie is a red brindle and white male and was the 2nd born in the litter.

He lived with his Uncle Tazman Lord Morgan in Smithton, at 13 months old Indie sadly passed away, but still remains in the hearts of all whom

met him and had the pleasure of his company.


Bently "Basha"

Bently lives in WA with a lovely couple and he is their only child. He is Red brindle and white in colour and has a loving personality
above Photo is at 7 months old


 Dodge is all white with some small liver and black spots.
Dodge was the 1st born from this litter and is growing nicely. 
He has stayed close to us and lives in Launceston.
He has a playful nature and often makes is owners laugh.
Photo below is of dodge at 12 months 

Ford  "Pig"

Ford is all white with 2 brindle eye patches and went to live in Victoria on a small farm.

He has since been desex and is a loving family member.

 For "Pig" as he is known by his family at 8-10 months old


Shelby was the only girl in this litter and was the smallest.. She stayed here with us. Shelby is liver Brindle and white with a liver nose. She has matured into a very solid girl, with great muscle tone. Shelby has a playful personality and loves to be around young children. Shelby also has amazing hearing abilities. 

Shelby has entered our breeding programme and is due to have pups

on Friday 12th October 2012.




Aston was the last born in the litter. He is all white with a few smaller spots. He is a big boy being the biggest now the litter is 11 months old.

Aston Lives with a loving family in Dunally in Tasmania's south with his younger sister and brother Koda and Yaegie.

Sadly Aston is Deaf, however has adapted very well and is doing well with his Sign language.


the above photo is of aston at 5 weeks old.


Aston 12 months old