Fabulist Aussie Bulldogs

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Born: 18.10.2011 Naturally

Colour: Liver Brindle and white - Liver Nosed 

Shelby is a Liver brindle and Liver nosed Female that we produced. She is 3 years old. She is a very stocky girl, She has thick legs and nice bone. Currently weights just over 28kgs. Shelby has a very motherly nature and is also a very out going, confident and energtic young girl. Who loves to be around the other dogs and just have a fun time.  

Shelby has entered our breeding programme and was mated to Maddox (Liver BBD) Pups were born 13th Oct 2012, and can be found on our 3rd Litter- Energy Drinks page by clicking the link,

30th Jan 2014 Shelby and Maddox had a 2nd litter our 4th Litter - Chocolate Bars.


Shelby and Maddox will be joined again early 2015.


                                      Sire: Yanger Dook Like A Tiger BBD - Red Brindle

             Sire: Tazman Lord Barrington - Red Brindle/white (liver gene carrier)

                                  Dam: Tazman Grace - White with Red Patches

Fabulist Shelby                          

                                  Sire: Shemway Moe - White

            Dam: Aurora Lailah - Brindle/white (liver gene carrier)

                                  Dam: Aurora Jada - Chocolate Brindle/white